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Best of Winter

I kind of stored up a lot of lovely winter photos for some reason and never got to post them while there was still snow on the ground. Now the snow is finally gone, but these photos represent some of the reasons I do love snow. (Even though I love flowers more.)

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Definitely should have posted more this winter.


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The Close

angsty new year

Not really sure how I feel about the last year or whether I know quite how to approach the coming one. Full of hope and expectation? Only to be let down and feel deflated?

What is a possibility? I was contemplating that idea during a hike a while back and the whole idea gave me hope at the time…but there is always the possibility for terrible things to happen. Do we just ignore them? Or decide that whatever happens we will endure and grow stronger? All this thinking makes me want to hide under an embankment and have someone wake me when its over.

But another year is over and many possibilities are what get me through each day, so what can I say against hope and possibility? Nothing. Moving forward just knowing that a broken world produces many things among those that we hope for.  So I feel angsty.

But as the close comes quickly now we also celebrate.

Happy New Year! May it truly be happy and full.

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…Literally and Figuratively.

It is currently raining and I hear it getting more intense as it patters down on the roof above my head. But it is also April and I will not be resting until June is come and gone. Ahead of me I have three hard months of things I love and a sprinkling of things I don’t. 

Short list:


5 field trips for a total of 7 days out and about (3 outdoor club, 2 academic)

MCAS (read: crazy-making)

MCAS review projects, Science Fair, phenology study, and environmental films

S.E.D.A.T.E. (Special Edition Daily Announcements and Television Entertainment; our spoof news show which requires rehearsing the day before) 

Youth Group retreat

Summer Travel Plans 

…and my stress-relieving activity is making more clothes. Like this top I finally finished.


I need to sleep or I will never make it. But I am also trying to get out and enjoy this lovely weather.  Yesterday I took the dogs up to the cliffs. It was the little pup Basil’s first time all the way up. Such a cutie! But definitely a little too comfortable at the edge. Curious puppy better watch his step. (note: he was safe, don’t worry)


I just love this shot.

I just love this shot.


Queen Lexi the Greatest


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So this film certainly took less time and is less artistic than the last. This film is more for Bernie and Jeff who loved our dogs before we had the wonderful opportunity to have them in our life. They are doing great. So if you love dogs, animal rescues, or Bernie’s work please sit back and enjoy these cuties play!

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Snow Day!


Last Monday we had a snow day! Our first! It was so pretty and so nice to just stay home. And I have this Monday off too. I love to be home and watch how the light flows into this house, especially since this is our first year here. I hope I can spend more days just at home this summer. But before summer comes more snow!  cherry-on-branch1w.jpgcars1w.jpgtree-and-house1w.jpg 

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